Eat, Do, Avoid: A tourists guide: Seattle, WA Edition

August 6, 2017 Tukwila, WA

For all my friends that will be joining me in Seattle later this week, I've been asked to keep sort of a travel log, things you might want to do, places you might want to go eat and things you might just need to avoid.  Let’s just call it an Eat, Do, Avoid list. Here's what I learned from today's adventure.
Eat: For pure value, the free breakfast buffet at the Hampton can't be beat. Add to that the opportunity to make new friends. Beth picked us out a lovely family to eat with, if only they had spoken English, or maybe if I had known they didn't speak English 10 to 15 sentences sooner. It's ok, I'm sure they weren't taking about me! Oh, and by the way, for all you people reading this who are visiting here from one of those foreign places where you eat all natural straight from the garden to the table wholesome goodness foods; Let Your Kid Eat a Waffle!!! You're on vacation, give em a break, and maybe they will stop staring at mine.
Do: Catch a ride on the Hampton Inn shuttle from the airport. Ask for a driver named Mellissa. It was just like a theme park ride, 60 mph in a 15mph unloading zone plus the constant fear of a roll-over. Makes you feel like living.
Avoid: The bench area just outside the doors of Target. That ain't the waiting area for the bus, in fact, it's the area where entrepreneurs gather to discuss the start up for their small business ideas. Mostly a sales and distribution group. I am a little concerned for their success due to the one member insisting that they remain a cash only business. In this modern age you would at least expect them to accept bit-coin.
Well, that's all I have for now, but stay tuned, Beth and I are headed into town today to check out the natives.

Seattle's iconic Space Needle as seen from inside the Chihuly Glass Museum. 
August 7, 2017 Seattle, WA

Another day in the Great Northwest, another opportunity to eat and do, and of course, another place visited that I can hopefully help others to avoid. Beth and I traveled into downtown Seattle yesterday and tried to see, taste and smell all of the offerings of the Public Market and Waterfront. We even stopped by the original Starbucks coffee shop. Of course we didn't go in though, because the line was 2 hours long, because people are crazy, because there is something in that stuff that's addictive, because it's really expensive, but mostly, because there was another Starbucks 200 yards down the street with no line.
So let's get this list going. Here is today's Eat, Do, Avoid.
Bread. If they offer you bread while you're up here, eat it. Keep in mind though that for some reason folks up here think that all bread needs butter.  You might also find that many of them like it buttered and then toasted or grilled. From burger buns to shrimp po boy hoagie rolls, they have it covered, Covered in Butter. They love bread so much that they even serve clam chowder in it. How can you go wrong with a sourdough bread bowl and some awesome clam chowder? After much discussion between Beth and I, we think we've figured out the reason for all the bread and butter. It has something to do with the all the whaling that goes on up here, why else would you need to consume 10,000 calories a day.
Take a ride over to Bainbridge Island on the Washington State Ferry. The view back to the Seattle skyline is awesome.  It's a cheap way to see the harbor and catch a few waves, not to mention the boat full of people you'll meet. Just take for example the 4 young ladies headed back over to the island after a long day shopping in Seattle. We learned a lot from them, like the struggles of young millennial's and how much they hate that one friend they have that went to Hawaii with them last month.  Turns out, that one friend was the one who always makes them pose for selfies and never just takes em unless everyone is perfect and she's always taking them and it's so annoying. Now don't get me wrong, I too understand the same struggle when it comes to the "obsessive picture taker". It's just that in my family we called that friend Mamaw Venice.
Nordstrom’s. Guys, look it up, get familiar with the logo and the many names it can disguise itself in. Names like Prada and Louis Vuitton. Your wife will explain to you that this building is a historical site. Built in 1901 and on the historic sites registry. She might even show you the plaque out front on the wall. Don't go in, better yet, don't let her go in. Trust me, 20 minutes inside and you can forget about the Eat and Do portion of this post and go straight to the Pray. Pray you've got enough in savings to get a cab back to the airport and get your car out of the parking garage.
Well, that's it for today, but I do want to also say hello to my sons back home, Andy and Austin. That picture of that cruise ship we sent you today along with the video of Beth and I headed out to sea, that was just us on the ferry. You know we wouldn't dare take a cruise without you guys. It was funny though.
See you tomorrow.
Catching a few waves on the way over to Bainbridge Island

August 8, 2017 Bellevue, WA

Well, the fun parts over and today I have to get back to work, but don't worry, I still have one last list. For all of you headed into Bellevue for the meeting, please keep the following list handy.
Learn to skip breakfast and lunch unless someone else is buying, that per diem don't go as far as you think. Especially if you have a thing for that Starbucks coffee.
Take time to head downtown. The city is great and the people are friendly. Oh, and they have pictures of the greatest college QB to ever play the game, hanging all over the place.
The Strategic Affairs Committee meeting. Even Richard Sellers skips out on that one.
I hope you all enjoyed a few laughs this week as I have enjoyed hearing from old friends and making some new ones. 

By the way, while I wasn't aware of the Eat Pray Love movie when I started this, it seems I might have poached their idea, so I would like to finish with my idea for both;
When you Pray, first pray for others, When you love, make sure to love yourself.

Some amazing examples of art on display at the Chihuly Art Museum.


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