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Eat, Do, Avoid: A tourists guide: Seattle, WA Edition

August 6, 2017 Tukwila, WA For all my friends that will be joining me in Seattle later this week, I've been asked to keep sort of a travel log, things you might want to do, places you might want to go eat and things you might just need to avoid.   Let’s just call it an Eat, Do, Avoid list. Here's what I learned from today's adventure. Eat: For pure value, the free breakfast buffet at the Hampton can't be beat. Add to that the opportunity to make new friends. Beth picked us out a lovely family to eat with, if only they had spoken English, or maybe if I had known they didn't speak English 10 to 15 sentences sooner. It's ok, I'm sure they weren't taking about me! Oh, and by the way, for all you people reading this who are visiting here from one of those foreign places where you eat all natural straight from the garden to the table wholesome goodness foods; Let Your Kid Eat a Waffle!!! You're on vacation, give em a break, and maybe they will stop