Wing Dings n Tide Pods, Super Bowl Snacks

For those of you who have not yet visited the new Food Lion store in Wake Forest, which, based on the hoard of shoppers we had to fight our way thru today there can't be many, I wanted to give you a quick rundown on a few of the things you can expect at this new modern location. 
One of the first things I found unique was how all the sidewalks funnel you down to the sides of the building, you know, so you can enter the vestibule through the doors that are perpendicular to the front of the building (for those of you from Iron-Duff that's a fancy way of saying that there's a porch that sticks out from the front of the house and instead of having steps that go right up the middle the steps is over on each side). Strange thing was, when we got to the side of the vestibule, there won't no doors there. So what you have to do next is, step back out into the road, avoid getting hit, and then walk back to the front of the vestibule where the doors are (porch for those of you fro…

Heart, Sweat and Sweet Potatoes

The basics of football are quite simple, put your hand in the dirt, focus on your task, fire off the ball and never stop moving your feet.So how do you go from a good football team to great?  Writer William Arthur Ward once wrote “Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.”The 2017 South Granville Vikings Football team may want to consider having this quote inscribed on the walls of their locker room.You might not notice it by looking at their record, or checking the weekly scores, but if you take a closer look on the back of their helmets you can see the reminder of days that didn’t go as planned.October of 2017 was filled with those days, and will likely go down as one of the most memorable months in the lives of this year’s players and coaches. From football fields to farm fields and heart attacks to heartbroken, this group of young men took the opportunity to turn tragedy into something positive.
It’s seasons like this that remind us of the important role that hig…

Eat, Do, Avoid: A tourists guide: Seattle, WA Edition

August 6, 2017 Tukwila, WA
For all my friends that will be joining me in Seattle later this week, I've been asked to keep sort of a travel log, things you might want to do, places you might want to go eat and things you might just need to avoid.Let’s just call it an Eat, Do, Avoid list. Here's what I learned from today's adventure. Eat: For pure value, the free breakfast buffet at the Hampton can't be beat. Add to that the opportunity to make new friends. Beth picked us out a lovely family to eat with, if only they had spoken English, or maybe if I had known they didn't speak English 10 to 15 sentences sooner. It's ok, I'm sure they weren't taking about me! Oh, and by the way, for all you people reading this who are visiting here from one of those foreign places where you eat all natural straight from the garden to the table wholesome goodness foods; Let Your Kid Eat a Waffle!!! You're on vacation, give em a break, and maybe they will stop staring at …

A Christmas Mouse

So, I thought I had a Christmas mouse in the house a few weeks ago, but after seeing him only that one time, way too late at night, I decided that maybe I was just too tired that night n seeing things. That was, until last night! My youngest son, Austin, spots the little fellow makin a run for it into the closet, so of course my hillbilly instincts and finely honed mousing skills kick in.  If you're wondering what "finely honed mousing skills" I'm referring to, it's the ones I acquired back in the early 1990's during my rat huntin days at Francis Feed Mill.  

Austin and I began our eradication program by first placing a perfect row of glue boards just inside the threshold of the closet door.  Lining them up from jam to jam then closing the door.Next, we strategically folded a towel, and placed it under the gap of the door thus denying the varmint an exit route. I explained this genius to my son, who is always anxious and excited to learn the ways of the mounta…

Dear Andy

Dear Andy,
I wanted to take a moment to write you a quick note and tell you happy birthday, but then I stopped to think about the last 18 years, and well, you guessed it, so much for a quick note. The last year has been  incredibly special for me, and one that I'm not sure you will fully understand until you're much older. I hope you hold on to this letter, and when the day comes you can read it again, and finally understand how valuable you are to the lives of others.

I'll start by giving you some advice for when your son becomes a senior, and hr starts to think about college and his path for the future. The first thing I can tell you, don’t let him decide too quickly. Encourage him to apply to lots and lots of schools, because if he does, then you can go with him to visit em all, and that my son, is where the joy begins. Over the last year, you and I have had the good fortune to log a few hundred miles in an old Honda, setting out in search of the perfect school. You had …