Eat, Do, Avoid: Down San Antonio Way

I was setting here trying to remember the last time I was fortunate enough to spend a few days sight-seeing with my beautiful bride and it hit me, Albuquerque NM, January of 2020.  Wow, what a time. Great food, fabulous friends, snow, a day trip to Santa Fe, a sweet pair of Lucchese boots, and for what it’s worth, I was 70 lbs. lighter.  A quick look back to the spring of 2020 shows that I may or may not have made a few jokes about a thing called Covid, and maybe even suggested a business concept called Covid Cruise lines. Oh well, I’m sure we all laughed about it went I first wrote it. 

San Antonio Sunset at the Alamo

Fast forward to today and here I go again, or should I say we. After narrowly avoiding a suitcase incident late last night, my lovely bride and I have arrived at good ole RDU ready to fly, and it was like we had never missed a beat!  My driving to the airport was suspect, my aggressiveness at the parking deck entrance was noticeable, my parking spot selection was perfect and my suitcase was 10# over the limit. Now before you say anything rude about my suitcase, let me remind you again that I have gained 70# since the last time we traveled. For the sake of all those who will be near me over the next 7 days, trust me when I tell you, you’re gonna want that extra 10# of cloth covering up that extra 70# of me. 

So, I guess I’ll get right to it then, you know, the whole Eat, Do, Avoid thing. 

Eat: Come on, it’s 630 am, I’m getting on a plane for the next 7 hours and I’m already up 70#. Do yourself a favor and hold off on food and beverage until you arrive, the skinny guy in the middle seat beside you will thank you. 

Do: Grab someone you love, hop on a plane train or automobile, and head down to Texas for a week of feed, food and fun. 

Avoid: This is a big one folks, pay close attention!!! If you’re flying Southwest, avoid making direct eye contact with those C group boarders when they come swaying down the aisle looking for a middle seat. I find it best to make myself appear large so as to trick them into thinking it’ll be a tight squeeze. Another trick is to ask the flight attendant for a seat belt extender. No really, can I get an extender???

And remember, while it was never my intent to poach an idea from Eat Pray Love, I’ll offer my idea for both;

When you Pray, first pray for others, When you love, make sure to love yourself first. 


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