If You’re Gonna Play In Texas, You Gotta Have a…..

I know the song said a fiddle, but to be honest with you for the last three days I’ve felt like it was a pair of boots and a hat.  I’m not saying I’m setting in a board meeting writing todays report, but I can confirm that Beth has left to return home to NC, the feed meetings have started, and I was told I’d need to leave my new hat n boots in my room during work hours. 

Did I mention I got new boots and hat?

The past 3 days went by way too fast and I’ve been running behind on each days post, but I’m sure some of you might find time to sneak out of a meeting or two over the next few days and go make a memory.  The last three days has included great meals with friends, witnessing a few pieces of our countries history, a great afternoon spent at the San Antonio Museum of Art and a trip to the Market Square where food clothing and culture were on display. By the way, did I mention I got a new pair of boots and a hat?  And with that said, let’s get to it. 

Getting a little culture at SAMA. 

Hanging with one of the greats from Tennessee. Oh, and Davy Crockett too.

Eat:  Folks this one is easy, Schilo’s!  Any place that serves a breakfast platter that requires two plates and costs less than $10 is a place you gotta go. Did I mention it also tasted incredible?  If you don’t believe me, just ask me what I had there the second morning.  

As luck would have it, the same folks that own Schilo’s own one of them TexMex places I told you about yesterday, and it turns out I was right, it’s Mexican food but with a much bigger serving. Casa Rio does for lunch what Schilo’s does for breakfast, and boy do they do it well. 

Breakfast Plater at Schilo’s with sweet cream pancakes. 

The Small Enchilada plate from Casa Rio. 

Do:  Did I mention my new boots and hat?  If boots n hats ain’t your thing I’d still recommend you go hang out where there’s folks wearing boots and hats.  They just seem to always know the best places.  One of those places is the Market Square. If it’s made from leather or clay, the market square has it. They’ve also got Michelada’s and churros. Take it easy on consuming both at the same time, I’m not sure the human body can actually process them together. 

Another do on the list is actually a place to eat, but since it’s also an experience I’ve included VooDoo doughnuts here in the do.  With an average 45 minute wait you’ll wanna plan well, but I promise you it’s one of the greatest people watching events in all of San Antonio, especially after 10 pm. 

Awesome supper at Paesanos Riverwalk. 

Spoon collection at SAMA.  To be ho est with you, my grandmother had one from every state. just saying. 

Avoid:  Almost as easy as the breakfast at Schilo’s recommendation is my avoid for today. It’s your room. Other than the occasional shower and 6 hours sleep, avoid your room at all costs. Get out, go out, make new friends, make a memory. 

And remember, while it was never my intent to poach an idea from Eat Pray Love, I’ll offer my idea for both;

When you Pray, first pray for others, When you love, make sure to love yourself first.


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