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Dear Andy

From where it began, Freshman Year, 2010 Dear Andy, I wanted to take a moment to write you a quick note and tell you happy birthday, but then I stopped to think about the last 18 years, and well, you guessed it, so much for a quick note. The last year has been  incredibly special for me, and one that I'm not sure you will fully understand until you're much older. I hope you hold on to this letter, and when the day comes you can read it again, and finally understand how valuable you are to the lives of others. I'll start by giving you some advice for when your son becomes a senior, and hr starts to think about college and his path for the future. The first thing I can tell you, don’t let him decide too quickly. Encourage him to apply to lots and lots of schools, because if he does, then you can go with him to visit em all, and that my son, is where the joy begins. Over the last year, you and I have had the good fortune to log a few hundred miles in an old Honda