Eat Do Avoid; Deep In The Heart Of Texas

 If animal feed’s your thing, and let’s face it, who’s ain’t it, then San Antonio Texas is the place to be. This coming Monday anyone who’s anyone in the world of animal feed will be in San Antonio to attend AAFCO’s Mid-Year meeting.  Now before you go googling you may wanna just take my word for it, we’re a big deal.  For those traveling into town, relax, I showed up early to make sure you find the right restaurants, see all the best sights, and not get taken by the local tourist traps.  So, let’s get this list started.  Here’s todays Eat Do Avoid.

Welcome to the Alamo (Please ignore the UFOs)

Eat: Since today was a travel day that involved a couple of flights, the meal choices were limited.  I’d suggest that for those flying you take it easy on the vittles until you’ve touched down in Texas. Do it as a courtesy to the person fortunate enough to be setting next to you for the next 4 hours, or as I like to call my fellow Southwest travelers, the “Middle C’s”.  Speaking of Southwest and food, whatever happened to them honey roasted peanuts y’all used to sling?  I wonder how many of us would need to develop an allergy to that off brand cheez-it n crouton snack mix they’re pushing to get them peanuts back in the rotation?  So anyways, do yourself a favor and just hold off till you land.  I hear they’ve got a cuisine down here in Texas called Tex-Mex.  I’m not sure what it is but since everything’s bigger in Texas I’m hoping it’s Mexican food with really big portions.

Do:  Chat up your driver.  There seems to be constant theme in all my travels that relates to cab rides and Uber drivers, and let me tell you I sure can pick em, or maybe I just bring out the best in them.  Shout out to Chris from UberX for the great tour of San Antonio, not to mention the room and luxury of an F150 4-door and some great 80’s country bumping on the radio.  I’m not sure all the UberX’s are F150’’s, but I like to think it’s just the Texas way of life.  In addition to the awesome tour of downtown San Antonio, which included a full description and menu selection of every bar and café, we were also able to see every Street Closed, Detour Here and Wrong Way Do Not Enter sign in town.

With only a few hours left in the day we didn’t have a lot of time to get out and about, but we did make time for a quick trip to the Alamo Plaza before we headed over to the Crockett Tavern to honor incoming AAFCO president, Mr. Eric Brady from the TN Dept of Ag.  I felt it was only fitting that our first drinks take place at a tavern named after another great Tennessee Volunteer.

Uber Xtrodinaire

Crockett Tavern


Avoid:  The Alamo Dome.  Well, not really, but when we arrived it seemed like the place the whole city was headed to.  Maybe that’s because they were.  As fate would have it Coach Pop and the San Antonio Spurs just ain’t real good this year, but as ole Charles Barkley says, if you hand out enough free beer & churros you can pack the house full, and boy did they ever.  Almost 70,000 fans showed up to watch their favorite team.  Beth and I helped out by riding around in an Uber checking out all the street closed signs to make sure nobody messed with the detour routes. 


We’re off to a great start and I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings, so check back in, I’m sure I’ll find plenty of places to eat, things to do and places to avoid.  Which reminds me, we did find one place today that was a unicorn of sorts.  I actually considered adding it to all three lists, eat do and avoid.  It’s a little place called Café Ole down on the Riverwalk.  They’ve got a chili con queso that Eats pretty good, but if you plan on trying one of their margaritas you Do have to bring a friend.  No really, they’ll only serve it if there’s a party of two.  Is a 60-ounce margarita big?  If a thick chili cheese and sugary tequila (or the folks who partake of a thick chili cheese and sugary tequila) aren’t your thing I suggest you Avoid the café ole.  


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