A Christmas Mouse

So, I thought I had a Christmas mouse in the house a few weeks ago, but after seeing him only that one time, way too late at night, I decided that maybe I was just too tired that night n seeing things. That was, until last night! My youngest son, Austin, spots the little fellow makin a run for it into the closet, so of course my hillbilly instincts and finely honed mousing skills kick in.  If you're wondering what "finely honed mousing skills" I'm referring to, it's the ones I acquired back in the early 1990's during my rat huntin days at Francis Feed Mill.  

Austin and I began our eradication program by first placing a perfect row of glue boards just inside the threshold of the closet door.  Lining them up from jam to jam then closing the door.Next, we strategically folded a towel, and placed it under the gap of the door thus denying the varmint an exit route. I explained this genius to my son, who is always anxious and excited to learn the ways of the mountain people, and who hangs on my every word. I told him to go rest easy for the night, knowing that when the sun broke the following morning our efforts would have produced fruit and, that if all went well, we might even get to have a little fun chasing Beth around the house with our new found friend.  I figured we may as well let the little guy have some fun before we take him outside and set him free.

Daylight broke, and just as I had hoped we awoke this morning able to continue this valuable life lesson, and I am proud to say that I know Austin is all the better for it. Had it not've been for the time I took last night to teach, as well as show him how to survive a mouse attack, he would never have learned that glue boards from Dollar Tree that come 4 in a pack are about as effective as a 3M sticky note. Nor would he have learned that while the towel did successfully slow down the mouse, the cheap glue boards I had purchased merely provided excellent footing for said mouse while he chewed away at the towel like some convict held in Alcatraz before finally securing freedom to roam the house once again. 
Oh, and as for the towel, turns out you probably don't want to use the big thirsty, fluffy, nice ones that your wife just bought, or you might end up getting chased around the house by Beth.

One bright spot though, the glue boards did manage to catch all the little pieces of towel that the mouse left behind.


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